+ Title: “House of Fairytales” + Project: Competition. +Team: Azaila Jordá.


The aim of this project is to replace the current building, “The Tinderbox”, for a new building – namely, “The House of Fairytales”, which will holdthe exhibition about the career and life of Hans Christian Andersen. The new building will be a landmark for the city and will contain the following exhibits: The Age, The Man, The Art, The Work, The Life and the Cabinet of Curiosities. There will also be a shop, café, library and cinema. All exhibits will be distributed linearly starting from the highest level, where the cafeteria is placed, descending through a continuous spiral ramp until the ground floor. This continuous ramp as a guideline for visitors of the museum is akin to the flow and narration of a story. Another idea for the conception of this building is based on a panoptical concept. During daytime, the building would be a point with panoramic views of the city possible, and by night the city can see the inside of the buildings, shadows or projections on the facade. The original exhibits, “The Tinderbox”, and its present administration, will be moved to the preserved building, which currently hosts the exhibition about the author. Finally, the garden will be an open space for the visitors and Odense citizens, including a sculptural element in which labyrinthine spaces are created, as well as corners for the storytelling. The walls of this element can be also used for hanging exhibits. The entrance of the building is demarcated by a square that will link the different parts divided by the bike path and the railway.


La idea del proyecto consiste en sustituir el actual edificio “The tinderbox”, por el nuevo edificio (que contendrá el programa de la exposición sobre la vida Christian Andersen) The house of fairytales. El nuevo edificio será un punto de referencia para la ciudad y contendrá el programa, The Age, The Man, The art, the work, the life, Cabinet of curiosities, shop, caffe, bibliotheque and cinema. Se distribuirá de forma lineal empezando desde el nivel más alto donde se encuentra la cafetería, y se descenderá a través de la rampa continua en espiral hasta la planta baja.  La idea principal es, una rampa continua que se usa como hilo conductor guiando a los visitantes, como si se tratara de la narración de un cuento. Otra idea fundamental, es el concepto de panóptico, Durante el día el edificio sería un punto desde el cual se observa la ciudad panorámicamente, y por la noche, la ciudad observa, o bien el interior del edificio o bien sombras o proyecciones en su fachada. El programa referente a “the tinderbox” y la administración, se traspasaran al edifico conservado y que actualmente alberga la exposición referente al autor. Por último, el jardín es un espacio abierto a los ciudadanos, con un elemento escultórico en el que se crean espacios laberinticos y rincones para contar cuentos. El muro de este elemento puede servir para colgar elementos de exposición. La entrada al edificio queda marcada por una plaza que vincula las partes separadas por el carril bici y la vía del tren.

Panel A0.indd Project: 100% AzailaJG


  1. Great ! For me it´s the story of curves and reflection . The architecture should tell a story, to take a turning point and to go towards the dream. The dream has a practice, and magic. A little as BIG. I like this project .

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